As the collective voice for the 12 YMCAs in Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Alliance of YMCAs seeks to advance our focus areas of youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility through advocacy efforts at the state and federal level. The Oklahoma Alliance works in collaboration with other non-profit and private organizations to educate elected officials about the impact YMCAs are creating at a state and national level.  

Legislative Priorities

The Y is for Youth Development


Collectively the Y is the nation’s largest nonprofit provider of child care, with nearly 10,000 child care sites across the country. We advocate for increased funding for the Child Care and Development Block Grant, making it possible for parents from low-income families to gain access to safe, affordable and high-quality child care. The Y supports a variety of policy efforts to make child care sites, youth programs, camping and sports programs safer. 

FOR YOUTH DEVELOPMENT: Learn more about the Y's Federal Policy Priorities. 


Oklahoma Policy Priorities for Youth Development

Increase access, affordability and quality of early learning, childcare and after school youth programs and services to help every child in Oklahoma reach their full potential. 

Create greater awareness of the education achievement gap that exists in Oklahoma and explore opportunities for best practice policy implementation and increased funding for out-of-school programs aimed at closing the gap.

The Y is for Healthy Living


Improving the nation’s health and well-being is a core area of focus for the Y. We advocate for increased funding for chronic disease prevention programs at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including the National Diabetes Prevention Program and the Healthy Communities Initiatives. We also advocate for local and national efforts to reverse the effects of childhood obesity on the nation’s youth—such as the First Lady’s Let’s Move Campaign.

FOR HEALTHY LIVING: Learn more about the Y's Healthier Communities Initiatives. 


Oklahoma Policy Priorities for Healthy Living

Expand and promote evidence-based chronic disease prevention programs that promote quality of life for all, while lessening the burden on the state budget from skyrocketing costs associated with diabetes, heart disease, cancer and arthritis - all of which can be positively affected with evidence-based prevention and management strategies. 

Increase access to and affordability of healthy foods for all Oklahomans. 

Support and fund programs that promote healthy living among seniors, children, and families, including increased access to safe places to walk, exercise, and play. 

The Y is for Social Responsibility

As a leading non-profit, the Y advocates for important accommodations for the non-profit sector that allow us to give back and provide support to our neighbors. The heart of the Y is formed by millions of people committed to building a meaningful future for their community. 

FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBLITY: Learn more about the Y's Federal Policy Priorities. 


Oklahoma Policy Priorities for Social Responsibility 

Preserve the tax exempt status of charitable organizations and incentives for donating to and volunteering for such organizations.